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Are you feeling too lazy? Are you out and exhausted in motivation and many other things that forbids you to break the barrier towards creating the best physique you want.


Our team is always behind your back all the time. We are always on the look and will always provide you the best support and information to keep that phase going steady. Our team will motivate you and raise the bar of excellence, sculpt your inner physique, determination and solidify your discipline.

ironbeastbarbell bodybuilding tips and updates



Our aim is to give you organic and the best possible healthy diets to achieve maximum body performance. And not just that, our strategies are ladder based and are categorized regarding to the size and height of your body, your age, and your aim on what to achieve.

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Keeping Your Body In Condition

When doing extreme body lifting exercise, you need to slowly do the work first. You can’t just torture your body by lifting too much. To maximize results, you need to slowly build pace by lifting low weights, focusing on your entire body. Make sure that you have done muscle exercise to almost any part of your body. This will give you better form and progress as you increase your workout rate week by week and then maintaining a more steady phase.

Eat healthy foods that are high in protein. Foods like broccoli, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, crop foods and eating six regular sized meal a day will help your body cope with how much energy you consume for your workout. And don’t forget the most important thing of all, replenish yourself by hydrating and drinking 10-12 glasses of water.

ironbeastbarbell bodybuilding tips and updates

Have enough rest and call it a day. Do not ever overdo your workout, you are much likely to see minimal results if you overwork your body. To break the gap from achieving your desired body, you must give respect to your body and give yourself the most satisfying reward after working hard on it – have a rest.